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30 juillet 2009 4 30 /07 /juillet /2009 23:22


I  met Her on one night

She retained all my sight

When dancing under the spotlights

I saw her eyes teasing me with delights !


How would I dare to quit my seat

Jump on the stage to feel her heat

While the music increased its beat

I could not stay in the retreat !


I do not know how i did it, indeed

I dared to snatch of love the seed

For that I would never  ever regret

The sweet angel  who came at night to my flatlet !


She was my star, my Snow White

My Baby, my Angel of the night

I could feel all her loving might

High, so high on my cloud of dreams

Drinking fully her smiling beams

I was happy and life was bright, so bright !


Remembering her first kiss

That since then I miss

As she was my heart, my Miss

And of my spring time the bliss !



A foolish guy I may have been

To let her go with some « has been »

Will I stand a second chance

To meet her  at another disco dance ?


It would be nice just sharing words

If not again a full romance

Since that time I haven’t heard

Will I get a second chance ?


She was my star, my Snow White

My Baby, my Angel of the night

Wearing her dress white and light

I could hold her close and tight

High, so high on a cloud of dreams

Following the moods of our loving streams, loving streams !  


Our love seemed ever so right

And the sun above us so bright

When walking along side by side

It was like breathing at her magic pride


Why what came so instantly

In the best night of my life

Could not be lived constantly

Happy as a Man and Wife

For an eternal happiness

O this Angel of mine God bless !




What is she doing by now

How to know and to know how

When days gone seem an era

Gentle Angel, sweet Barbara !


Sometime I can’t prevent myself dreaming

That we will meet again in Paradise

And that in Eden, I’ll see your eyes gleaming

As you will be walking towards me at sunrise !


You are my star, you are my Snow White

My Baby, my Angel of the night

You will speak to me again

And heel from my soul the pain

When the rainbow circles the sky

I known your love is nearby, just nearby !




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Published by Démocrate
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